Crippled Demon

An F3H-2M Demon (BuNo 137046) of a VF-112 damaged in landing accident at Naval Air Station Barbers Point on Hawaii. Pilot Lcdr. J. J. Kotzen, USN. The truck is 1957 Chevrolet 3200.
VF-112 squadron was constituted in 1945 as VBF-11 (Fighter-Bomber). It first flew an F6F Hellcats. In 1946 the squadron was redesignated as as VF-12A with an F8F Bearcat as their workhorse. In 1948 it was again redesignated, this time as VF-112.
During Korean war and till the 1957 the squadron flew the various F9F planes, from Panther to Cougar.
In 1957 the unit was equipped with F3H Demon and it places the photo in 1958, because of a Chevrolet truck and the fact the in 1959 VF-112 was again redesignated as VA-112 (Attack squadron). From 1959 the they flew an A4D-2 Skyhawks.
In 1969 the VA-112 was disbanded.
Photo was downloaded from flickr of Mr. Robert Sullivan for which I thank him:
For more information on VF-112 and its assignments see:

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