Remnants of splendour

Brits are always flew and drove in an exclusive style. Their jets and automobiles were unlike any in the world, with a peculiar look and character.
Here’s we have an RAF English Electric Lightning, the only British supersonic jet aircraft in production and service (since 1957) until Eurofighter Typhoon has entered the scene in late 2000s. It was a dual-engine, swept-wing fighter capable to intercept Soviet jet and turbo-prop bombers before they hit a Homeland.
The most notable part of this aircraft which gives him such a distinctive appearance were engines. Two Rolls-Royce Avon were stacked in over-under configuration resembling a rocket boosters, which had gave pilots feeling they flying in a space rocket. Long story short – the climbing rate and speed were exceptional, but fuel consumption were also enormous and Lightnings were a relatively short range interceptor when flew supersonic.
Naval version was planned but never built.
On the bright side – British Rolls-Royce jet engines were the predecessors of almost all jet engines for US and Soviet jet fighters, beginning with Merlin model.
The car is 1958 Austin-Healey 100-6 BN6 Roadster (AH index BN for the model 100-6 means that this was a 1958 built two-seater, instead of a 1956 BN4 2+2 seater). Very neat and beautiful British sport car which was in production by BMC until 1972. If you want to learn more about Austin-Healey partnership or how a BMC merged with other British automobiles companies please, search the Web. It’s a complicated story of mergings and purchases, like the other stories of a British industry like Avro and others.
I want to thank a Facebook public group Historical Aircrafts for this photo. Hope you enjoyed it too.



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