What lies behind the ad

Hiya folks, look what I found. A couple of the original pictures one of which was used for the advertisement of a Swept-Wing 1957 Dodge Royal Lancer 2-door hardtop. Photos were taken by a Chrysler Corporation Photographic Department using a Kodachrome film.
The fighter aircraft is an F-86K from a 94th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 1st Fighter Wing. The Wing and its squadrons were assigned to Air Defense Command.
The 94th was one of the oldest units in the Air Force – its lineage ascended to a Great War and a 94th Aero Squadron in which Eddie Rickenbacker became an ace and commander. In the middle of 1920s the 94th was merged with an 103d Aero Squadron which at the time was composed of a pilots from Escadrille de Lafayette.
In the interwar period the 94th was redesignated as Pursuit Squadron and remained such until 1942. During the World War 2 the 94th flew combat missions in North Africa and Italy and was the first squadron to test the jet aircrafts in operations in Europe before the end of war.
During the US Air Force separation from the Army Air Force in 1947 the “Wing-Base” concept had been created and the 1st Fighter Group with 27th, 94th and 71st Fighter Squadrons was assigned to a newly activated 1st Fighter Wing, at George AFB, California.
At the time of a Korean War the 94th was assigned to an Air Defense Command and served with Western Air Defense Force at George AFB. Major Robin Olds, a triple ace and a son of a Robert Olds, stationed with the 94th as an operational officer for a brief time.
After the cease-fire the 1st Fighter Wing and all its assets was reunited at the Selfridge AFB at Michigan. In the late 50s the 94th was transitioned to an F-102 fighter jets.
Considering all the above information I’d put the date and place of a pictures to a Selfridge AFB somewhere in 1956-57, just before the transition from an F-86 Sabre Dogs to an F-102 Delta Daggers and the Chrysler 1957 model year.
You can see the advertisement here: https://jetageman.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/a-wonderful-world-of-autodynamics/

The information on the 94th FIS was found in the “Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Warbird Survivors 2003: A Handbook on where to find them” (p. 312) by Harold Skaarup.

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