New models for a New World

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Will try and catch up. Today’s photo is an F-86A with a 1950 Ford so-called Crestliner, because it was a first of a Ford cars to have a crest above the radiator grille.
The ’50 Ford was developed from a 1949 model, which became the first all-new design since the end of World War 2 for the Ford Motor Corporation. Modern streamline look, coil spring suspension, a drive shaft instead of a torque tube and though Ford retained its old engines L-head straight V6 and Flathead V8 both of them has became more powerful. The engine compartment has been cut down to give a passengers more space.
It’s not much of a differencies between 1949 and 1950 models except that in 1950 Ford has removed the letters above the grille and placed a crest instead, which became its trademark since then, with a few changes in course of years. There’s also was a central chrome ‘bullet’ in the grille which had a red-colored space with a numbers 6 or 8 dependent on how much cylinders the engine have.
The 1949 and 1950 models are both were offered in a few variants and options – sedan, sports sedan, station-wagon – Standard, DeLuxe and so on.
The North American Aviation F-86 was posted a few times here already, so here’s just a little information on this particular bird. This F-86A is from one of the first production batch. Before being transferred to a California Air National Guard the aircraft with a tail number 49-1250 belonged to a 75th Fighter Interceptor Squadron which itself has quite a history.
The 75th FS was activated in 1942 during the World War 2 and deployed on China-Burma-India theatre. It was augmented with a few pilots from a Claire Chennault’s American Volunteer Group’s Flying Tigers squadron which ceased to exist to this moment. The 75th won a Presidential Unit Citation for its actions during the war against Japan.
After the war the 75th like many units was disbanded and entered a period of turmoil followed with an activations and inactivations. In a January of 1951 the 75th was finally returned to a service as a part of an Air Defence Command and received an F-86 fighters.
In 1953 the squadron had upgraded its aircrafts to an F-86D Saber Dog interceptor and transferred their old F-86 to an Air National Guard where this bird had end up.
In 1969 the 75th was once again disbanded during the ADC’s drawdown and re-constituted in a 1972 as a close air support unit, flew at first an A-7D Corsair II and then the A-10 Thunderbolt II. The squadron is continue to serve in this role to the present day.
Initial identification of an aircraft was made with a help of:
For more operational records of a 75th FS please visit:

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