Imported goods

An old magazine advertisement with an English sport car Austin-Healey 100. Apparently it’s an advertisement for an American public, because the Brits does not have a necessity to use an F-84F Thunderstreak to get attention to a car for a couple of reasons. They had their own jet fighters and their sports cars were amongst the best (though a much inferior to Mercedes-Benz).
Our friendly website doesn’t give much on aircraft so I’d put the time-frame for this advertisement somewhere between 1953-1956 when an Austin-Healey 100’s had been produced and been imported to the USA.
An F-84F with a tail number 51-1450 was disposed of by Class 26* at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.
*Class 26 is – not beyond economical repair but transferred to Class 26 (School) (source: Aircraft Record Cards of the United States Air Force: How to Read the Codes, App. D Aircraft Cause of Loss Codes, p.78).



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