Jet on wheels

Now it’s a 2016 but there’s not much changes around. World is going further to hell, liberals are trying to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids, car design are getting more uglier every day, we’re already down to a total variety of a five models of a jet fighter airplanes currently in production in Russia, USA, France and England, oil prices are low but it isn’t making any sense because the gasoline is still costs too much everywhere. Women became more aggressive and masculine and all the pictures of the near future which were made in 1950s and 1960s are looked today as a folly.
And minding all this let’s talk about car which was built by a man from a better generation.
GM Firebird I was created by Harley Earl, the man who designed Buick Y-Job, Le Sabre and first generation of a Chevrolet Corvette. The car was built around a gas turbine which is made a Firebird more a jet powered cart than automobile. Body was made of fiberglass, a driver seat was covered by a glass canopy. At first the Firebird was tested using only the first gear and the car attained a speed over 100 mph after which test driver had stopped, because of fear of a crash.
GM Firebird had resembled a jet fighter aircraft of its time – a sleek design with a bullet-shaped body, with a tail fin and a small wings with flaps. The flaps were installed to help slow down a car after acceleration. The brakes are of a drum system were attached to wheels externally to facilitate a cooling by an airflow. Unlike a jet aircraft the Firebird was set into motion not by an exhaust gas directly but by routing the power through a turbine to the rear wheels via transmission.
This car was more a testbed for a GM to evaluate a concept of use of a gas turbine in automotive industry.
There were three more versions of a car which were presented to a public during the 1950s and early 1960s, but they were more or less of a conventional design – a four-seat sedan, a roadster with a two separated glass canopies over the driver and a passenger seats and a look of a F-100 Super Sabre fighter jet, the Firebirds II through IV respectively.
As for a fighter jet on a background – it’s an F-84 Thunderstreak, a swept-wing version of an F-84 Thunderjet, a veteran fighter-bomber airplane of a Korean war. The Thundersreak was meant as a low-cost upgrade of a large fleet of a straight-wing F-84 to meet the performance level of an F-86 Sabres but it never happened. Though USAF in general were satisfied with a renewed aircraft its life span was relatively short and beginning from 1958 these aircrafts were gradually transferred to an Air National Guard and were phased out of service in 1970s.
This particular F-84F Thunderstreak with s/n 52-8884 on photo has never been transferred into Air National Guard. Instead it was leased to a French Armée de l’air in the late 1950s and was crashed in 1961 after a collision with another F-84F s/n 52-8963, which had been also on lease to France.
For information on an F-84 Thunderstreak see:
For more information and pictures of a car see:

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