A family business

Here’s a super cool collage and a story. There’s not much for me to say, it’s not my story. Just read an article below. Although it’s written a little bit pompous it gives a good viewpoint on how people should treat what they do, don’t matter what this is – a job, hobby, or passion to serve.
We have a two photos which merged into one. The both men are from the same family – a father Major Gen. Henry Canterbury (ret.) and his son Colonel Todd Canterbury. The both men had served in a USAF Air Demonstration Squadron Thunderbirds.
The car next to a Major Gen. Canterbury is a Porsche 356 Coupé which became quite an old news on this blog already. On another hand his son stands next to a much more interesting car – an eleventh generation of a Ford Thunderbird! The last of its kind. They had been manufactured for a total of four years in a first half of 2000s and were deemed as an unsuccessful comeback of one of the classical models. Nevertheless and with all its drawbacks I think it was a nice car. Just a bit late or a bit early for the time. Wanna know how I had identified a T-bird? By a tail part mostly and a small round window on a side.
The planes on a background are also exciting. On the left part of a photo is an F-100(C/D), which was used by a USAF Thunderbirds team twice during its history – from 1956 to 1963 and the second time in 1964 to 1968 before transition to an F-4 Phantoms II in 1969.
On the right part of a photo is an F-16 which the team fly since 1983. They were upgraded in a mid-90s to a newer model – F-16C. Is it a cool enough story? I tend to think so.
See the full story of a father and son U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilots – http://www.emeraldcoastmagazine.com/April-May-2014/The-Father-Son-Legacy-of-Two-Passionate-Ambitious-Fighter-Pilots/

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