Four of a kind

A unique photo. It’s a Douglas F-5D Skylancer which is a further development of an F-4D Skyray interceptor. She featured a greatly modified airframe, a powerful new thrusters, and overall improvements in fuselage to reduce a drag and to afford a better stability in-flight. Only four aircrafts were built after which Navy cancelled the contract. Later on these aircrafts were transferred to NASA for supersonic experiments. One of the aircrafts was flown by Commander Alan B. Shepard the man who was the first man to play a golf in space.
The man on a boarding ladder is a Douglas Project pilot Quentin H. Burden and the car is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible. This and the similar photo which has been posted before is from a personal collection of a Quentin H. Burden.
via flickr of



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