Family heirlooms

I have another photo with Porsche and a jet fighter. This time it’s a USAF F-86 Sabre and 356A Speedster, dated 1957. The story behind the picture is following:
In 1957 a young American airman who was stationed in Germany (USAFE) with his wife bought a Porsche Speedster directly from a factory. They toured most of a Europe in it for a couple of years and then moved back to the States, where they started the family and sold the car to another young man, who crashed it into the tree in an accident.
As for the aircraft – it’s an F-86H, s/n 53-1485, was assigned to a 50th Fighter-Bomber group which lineage is traced to a World War 2. A group was activated in a 1941, flew as a part of a Ninth Air Force during and after D-Day, then was moved to France and had continued to participate in combat until V-E Day.
After the war’s end the group was inactivated and in spite a brief activation in a late 1940s for a reserve service and for Korea it was mostly dormant. In 1953 the 50th FBG was again activated for duty and deployed on a Hahn Air Base in Germany.
It seems that an airman bought this car when he was either already discharged or on leave, because the 50th FBG was relocated to Toul-Rosières Air Base in France in 1956 and again inactivated in 1957. And the Porsche 356A Speedster went into production in 1957.
An F-86 on photo has the same sad story as the car – it was struck off charge at Bordeaux, on 13th March, 1959. Let’s hope that a family who was an original owner of that Porsche fared better. Cool but a somewhat sad story.
Photo and back story were found on a:
Information regarding an airplane:

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