Avion à réaction

At first I wanted to post this photo with a following comment: Nope, no good. A right idea. But a crappy execution. Maybe that because I don’t like a lowriders (I’m not some stupid Mexican chica to lose a mind and panties after seeing one of these).
But that was before I tried to identify an aircraft. Will you agree with me that it looks like an F-84 Thunderjet or F-86 Saber fighter jets? Yep, I thought it one of those. But the front gear is not located properly for both of them. So I’ve searched for some more and after seeing a lot of photos of the similar aircrafts I finally got to a conclusion – it’s a Dassault M.D.452 (454) Mystère. A deep modification of a first French jet fighter aircraft Ouragan, created by Marcel Dassault in a late 1940s. After the initial success of an Ouragan Dassault realized that there’s always room to improve and quickly developed a more advanced version of an aircraft which was called a Mystère and she made a first flight in a 1951.
A Mystère has been flown by a French Armée de l’Air, Israeli Air Force and Indian Air Force which also used an Ouragan fighter jets. These early Dassault aircrafts were used in combat in Middle East and India.
A French Armée de l’Air retired both Ouragan and Mystère in late 1950s and early 1960s because the supersonic Super Mystère became available. Indian and Israeli Air Forces continued to use their Ouragans and Mystère until 1970s and 1980s.
* there’s also a good distinctive characteristic – an external drop tank under the fuselage which an Ouragan haven’t had.

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