NORAD’s finest

Another picture for you with the same idea as previous. Only difference is this is a Navy fighter jet, not an Air Force.
This is the F4D-1 Skyray (F-6A), a Navy/Marine Corps jet interceptor introduced in the second half of 1950s. An aircraft was designed exclusively for high-altitude interception mission and was unable to provide multi-role combat capabilities for the new generation of warfare. During its service an aircraft became one of the most remarkable amongst American fighters in a climb performance. Skyray was the only type of a naval fighter jet which is served with NORAD. The assigned squadron, a VF(AW)-3, had always excelled the Air Force in intercept effectiveness, flight safety maintenance and overall combat readiness. F-4D Skyray was phased out of service in 1964.
The car is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird Convertible, though its looking a bit unusual because of a front bumper, hood and front side skirts. It is possible that photo was taken on a China Lake Naval Air Station.
The photo is from a personal collection of a Quentin H. Burden (as a caption reads Mr. Burden was an A3D naval strategic bomber project pilot, for Douglas Aircraft Company) from Tiger Drew (perhaps he’s the guy who’s captured on photo).
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