Starfires of the day

Here’s another picture with a car and a jet fighter together. This time it’s an F-94B interceptor jet with an 1953 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible which creation has been inspired by a Lockheed’s airplane.
In 1953 it was displayed in public on the 1953 Motorama, the General Motors motor show. It appears that an Air Force had loaned a jet fighter to display for a self-advertisement purposes.
The original Starfire was a five-seat passenger convertible that had a fiberglass body, a 200 hp (150 kW) Rocket V8 engine, and a wraparound windshield like that used on the top-of-the-line and limited-production 1953 Fiesta 98 convertible.
And a little about aircraft here – it’s an F-94B, s/n 50-882, from 61th Fighter Interceptor Squadron (part of a 56th Fighter Interceptor Group) of a Continental Air Command.
The 61th squadron was initially equipped with an F-86 Sabres but was transitioned to an F-94B to fulfill a role of an all-weather fighter interceptor. After inactivation of a 56th group in 1952 the 61th squadron was assigned to a 4708th Defense Wing of an Air Defense Command. The 4708th was located on a Selfridge Air Force Base which is in Michigan, near Mount Clemens.
As a Motorama was a travelling show and the GM had a plant in Michigan it is possible that a photo was taken in 1953 just before relocating of 4708th Wing to a Newfoundland.
If you want to learn more about Olds Starfire I suggest you to visit a
The photo and the information were borrowed there.
For information on an aircraft visit:

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